Welcome to the ADSB 2019 Director’s Annual Report

A message from Director Lucia Reece

Thank you for visiting our site and the Director’s Report!

As a teaching and learning organization, we embrace life-long learning and value opportunities to learn and work with and from one another, through collaboration and teamwork. As role models of life-long learning, we are committed to continuous improvement and to ensuring that we are using current, research-based practices to support success for all.

We provide our students with a large breadth of programs, as it is our goal to have a pathway for every learner. Our core priorities of Achievement, Well-Being, Engagement and Equity have kept us focused and motivated to be continuously improving, all while keeping students at the centre of our work. We support and celebrate the diversity of people and cultures as we work to ensure all learners feel welcome and safe in our learning and work environments. In addition to academic success, we promote character with pride, as we know that the combination of academic excellence and good character is essential to personal success.

The ever-changing world we live in reminds us of the necessity and importance of a strong, public education system. Thus, our mission, to graduate confident learners, caring citizens, is critical, as our students need to leave our schools confident in their ability to continuously learn, collaborate, innovate and create new knowledge, while possessing strong character and an understanding of who they are as contributing, caring citizens.

I hope you enjoy the stories and evidence throughout this report, that demonstrate our commitment to learning, continuous improvement, academic excellence and character.

Ancora Imparo (I’m still learning),

Lucia Reece

Board of Trustees

At our Inaugural Meeting, Jennifer Sarlo was acclaimed and will continue in her role as Chair of the Board while Brent Rankin was nominated by Trustee Susan Thayer and elected to the position of Vice Chair.

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Let’s explore how our students and staff are engaged in their learning and teaching.

Find out about the strategies and programs that have helped us to achieve our goals and stretch our thinking.

All learners, all the time.

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