Our Board passed its voluntary Aboriginal self-identification policy in March 2007. Since then, we have seen a steady increase in Aboriginal students who have chosen to self-identify. In September 2018, well over 1,500 Aboriginal students and parents self-identified.

In an effort to support and ensure continued success, the Board invited employees to also participate in this voluntary self-identification. The Board believes that Aboriginal staff could act as mentors, share their Aboriginal culture and help foster an environment where Aboriginal students can reach a high level of achievement.

Leadership Learning – Sharing Our Reflections

Our Senior Administration team, along with Carol Trudeau-McEwan (Indigenous SAT) and Joel Syrette (Indigenous Student Re-engagement & School Support), are continuing to work with Kevin Lamoureux. Kevin formerly served as the Education Lead for the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation. He is a well-known speaker, writer, and co-host of the popular podcast The Frank and Kevin Show: In Colour.

Equity ADSB 2018 Annual Report

Indigenous Student Leadership Council

In the spring of 2018, ADSB hosted an Indigenous Student Leadership Forum. It was a day for students and staff to dig into some of the data that was collected in a well-being survey. This was followed up in October with an ADSB Indigenous Leaders’ planning day held at Sault College. Nine of ten ADSB high schools sent Indigenous student representatives to the event.

School Effectiveness Visits Assist Schools to Understand Strengths and Areas of Need

We are in the middle of our District Review Process, visiting each one of our elementary and secondary schools over a two year cycle. This is to support school staff in their self-assessment processes, to provide feedback and to assist schools to better understand their strengths and areas of need.

From March to December 2018


School Effectiveness Visits were completed.


classrooms were visited by the team.