Total number of ADSB educators registered in Professional Development sessions in the fall of 2018.

System Professional Learning

To date this fall, hundreds of Algoma District School Board educators have engaged in professional learning.

Information Technology (IT)

The focus in 2018 remained on upgrading infrastructure to meet today’s constantly changing environment. We outlined an aggressive implementation schedule in September 2017. As of December 2018, IT completed 100% of the deployment schedule.

Junior Kindergarten students!

Over 600 Junior Kindergarten students began their learning journey with the Algoma District School Board this September!

Eight Classrooms Added as a Result of Increases in Opening Enrolment

Our Junior Kindergarten (JK) to Grade 8 enrolment increased by

in September

New Program Options at ADSB

ADSB has a roster of highly qualified teachers and community skills experts who are delivering the instruction.


In this calendar year, there have been 141 male students and 99 female students involved in Cooperative Education and an additional 81 male and 20 female students who are/were Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) candidates.
Three hundred employers took on Co-op and OYAP students this year throughout the district, and we say “Thank You” for your partnership!

students involved in Cooperative Education
students are OYAP candidates
employers host our students -

Thank you!

Unique Ways to Engage Students in 21st-Century Learning

Our board hosted a Young Authors’ Conference (YAC) in the fall and invited 175 Grades 7 and 8 students to take part. The goal of YAC was to provide students an opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue around reading, writing, oral communication and media literacy. 

Expert Says Faster Isn’t Better When It Comes to Math

We were pleased to host Dr. Marian Small for three days as she presented sessions to parents and educators focused on helping students in both elementary and secondary schools succeed in math.