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Confident Learners, Caring Citizens in Action in Our Communities!

Confident Learners, Caring Citizens in Action in Our Communities!

ADSB schools fundraised throughout the year and the December focus has become an annual endeavor. It is heartwarming to hear the stories and to see the generosity of our students and staff. Our efforts are reflective of the caring citizens we are developing and the good character we aim to model for and instill in our students.

To capture a sampling of the caring and strong character evident in our schools, here is a description of some of the wonderful acts of kindness and fundraising efforts that took place, mostly throughout December 2018.

Twenty-eight of our schools provided data on their school fundraising. Collectively, Algoma District School Board students and staff throughout the district raised approximately $24,670 in cash donations, which went directly to

  • food banks
  • women’s and men’s shelters
  • charity organizations
  • the purchase of grocery gift cards
  • Christmas food baskets
  • classmates’ relief funds
  • community families in need
  • Christmas Cheer
  • Adopting Special Olympic Athletes

Collected approximately 16,815 canned food items PLUS 25 boxes and 2½ shopping carts worth of non-perishables and essentials for delivery to various district food banks and Christmas Cheer outlets. Students and staff also collected approximately 3,799 toys along with 85 stockings and nearly 100 books for donation to holiday cheer.

Algoma District School Board schools have also been the recipients of generous donations from dozens of community partners. We can thank over 72 community partners throughout Algoma who have donated to ADSB schools, often with dollars donated towards breakfast and lunch programs. This wide range of community partners donated approximately $57,343 to the 28 schools who supplied data. In addition to financial support, community partners have donated items as far ranging as picnic tables, school supplies, toques, mittens, food items (yogurt, apple sauce), art and décor supplies, and books.

Twenty-eight schools provided information and indicated that approximately

had been raised by students, staff and parents in the past 3 months.


had been donated to our schools by dozens of community partners.