Total Dollars Spent on Capital Construction Projects

A number of Facility Renewal Projects, Capital Priorities Projects, School Condition Improvement Projects and Early Years Capital Projects have moved ahead this year.
Some highlights included:

  • CASS Front Entrance, Science Classroom Upgrades, Washroom & Change Room Upgrades (Phase II)
  • East View P.S. Heating and Classroom Upgrades
  • Grandview P.S. Washroom Upgrades
  • Kiwedin P.S. Exterior Upgrades
  • Korah Locker Replacement, Entrance Upgrade & Music Room
invested for capital renewal
  • White Pines Ceiling and Lighting Upgrades, Ventilation Upgrades, Digital Signage
  • Prince Charles Gym Ventilation
  • Chapleau JK-12 Replace Building Management System
  • Central P.S. Parking lot, Refurbish Washrooms

Boréal French Immersion
Public School

Boréal French Immersion Public School is our Board’s latest facility to house its growing French Immersion population.

In 2016 we embarked on a major construction project: repurposing the former Alexander Henry High School into two updated structures. Boréal French Immersion Public School is the larger of these structures. It is a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 school with nearly 500 students and staff. It also houses a daycare, operated by the YMCA. The second structure will house the Sault Ste. Marie Public Library, Transportation Consortium and ADSB’s Plant Department.

This fall we hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony at Boréal FI Public School with VIP guests in attendance. The afternoon ceremony was followed by a public open house from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. Those who toured the school commented on the bright and welcoming spaces full of colour and innovative designs. The architectural, engineering and construction teams completely renewed the 53-year-old building with updated exterior facades and restructured interiors.

year old building refurbished now houses
Achievements ADSB 2018 Annual Report

Total investment in learning spaces


Total community-use participant visits


Total cafeteria sales in all secondary schools


Success Again for All DELF Students

Number of ADSB employees


Number of students transported throughout ADSB in the 2017-2018 school year.



We are supporting

64 New Hires

through NTIP.

Currently, we are supporting 64 new hires through NTIP (New Teacher Induction Program); there are 40 Long Term Occasionals (LTOs) (elementary) and 24 LTOs (secondary) who will be supported through NTIP after 80 days of service.

Last year the NTIP sector spent $76,408.00

This year’s projected spending is $144,000.

This primarily involves:

  • Providing three days for NTIP teachers to foster their professional development.
  • PD and release time for mentor/training and release to co-plan and co-teach

Budget Highlights

The board approved a total operating budget for revenue and expenditures for the 2018-2019 budget year in the amount of $159,097,433.

A detailed review of revenues and expenditures was conducted by Trustees, the Operations & Budget Committee, Principals and Administrative Council as part of the budget process and the Board’s continued commitment to fiscal responsibility.

The following enhancements were included in the 2017-2018 budget through a combination of reallocations of existing budgets and new Ministry funding:

  • Increased Technology in Classrooms,
  • Support and Professional Development for Technology Plan,
  • Additional Support for Special Education Students and
  • enhancements to school budgets.

The Ministry also provided approximately $13,908,493 in Capital Projects to address the maintenance and improvement of facilities.

Operating budget for revenue and expenditures for the 2017-2018 budget year in the amount of


Revenue by Major Source

2018-19 Revenue by Major Source

[*] Provincially determined by the Ministry

Revenue Source Amount
Government of Ontario $114,008,698
Local Taxation [*] $20,387,655
First Nation Tuition Fees $6,916,924
Other Grants $3,648,453
Other Revenues $2,524,035
Amort. Deferred Capital Contribution $8,508,064

Expenditures by Major Function

2018-19 Expenditure by Major Function
Expenditure Amount
Classroom Instruction (Note 1) $98,802,044
Pupil Accommodation $16,670,877
Non-classroom (Note 2) $14,864,350
Transportation $8,726,181
Administration $4,773,860
Non-operating Expenditure $3,648,453
Amortization $8,508,064
Note 1 - Classroom Instruction Detail
Classroom Teachers $72,550,019
Supply Teachers $3,404,985
Teacher Assistants $10,284,397
Early Childhood Educators $1,892,011
Texts & Classroom Supplies/Equipment $2,731,221
Computers $1,148,060
Professionals & Paraprofessionals $3,855,330
Library & Guidance $2,171,964
Professional Development $764,057
Note 2 - Non-classroom Detail
Principals and Vice Principals $7,310,559
Department Heads $177,439
School Office $3,360,944
Coordinators and Consultants $3,164,188
Continuing Education $851,220