Welcome to the ADSB 2018 Director’s Annual Report

A message from Director Lucia Reece and Chair Jennifer Sarlo

As technology advances, it is drastically changing the quantity of information we receive, how we interact with information and the types of jobs and job skills needed to live, work and thrive in our new, technologically driven world. Yet amongst all the change, two things remain constant: education and strong character. Our changing world underscores the importance of a strong, public education system and reminds us that the need to graduate confident learners, caring citizens has never been so critical. Our students need to leave our schools confident that they have the ability to continuously learn, collaborate, innovate and create new knowledge and possessing strong character and an understanding of who they are, as contributing, caring citizens.

We are proud of the breadth of programs that we offer and know that we have a pathway for every learner. Our core priorities of Achievement, Well-Being, Engagement and Equity have kept us focused and motivated to be continuously improving, all while keeping students at the centre of our work. We are proud to focus on the combination of academic excellence and good character, as our students — whether in classrooms, out in the community or at provincial, national or international events – make us proud to be … ADSB!
We hope that you will see, in this report, the collective commitment from the Board of Trustees, Senior Administration and our 2,000+ employees that we are continuously learning.

Board of Trustees

At our Inaugural meeting, Jennifer Sarlo was acclaimed and will continue in her role as Chair of the Board while Russell Reid will be Vice-Chair having been nominated by trustee Rankin and approved by the Board.

Outgoing Trustees

This year we bid farewell to four long-standing Algoma District School Board Trustees. Collectively, they gave 72 years of their time and expertise to the students and staff of Algoma District School Board. Trustees Gladys Wiggins, Robert McEachren, Karen Morin and Graham Lidstone completed their terms on November 30, 2018.

Gladys Wiggins (pictured left, 2nd from left) became a Trustee with the Algoma District School Board in December 2006, serving the city of Elliot Lake for 12 years. Gladys was elected Vice-Chair of the Board in 2012, a position she held for three years.

Bob McEachren (pictured above, right) was North Shore’s representative at ADSB for 15 years, having been elected in 2003. Prior to retirement, Bob was a special education teacher and principal for 34 years, first with the North Shore Board of Education and, following amalgamation, with ADSB.

Karen Morin represented Ward 3 at the ADSB for 18 years. Karen always maintained a strong belief in life-long learning and the importance of a good public education system available to all.

Graham Lidstone (pictured above, left) dedicated 27 years to the Algoma District School Board representing Ward 2. For 20 years he served on OPSBA as the ADSB Director, including several years as Northern Vice President, and has been Chair of the ADSB Audit Committee since its inception. Graham was also a member of the operations and budget committee.

Incoming Trustees

At the December 4, 2018, Inaugural Meeting, we introduced and welcomed four new Trustees for the December 1, 2018, to November 30, 2022, term.

Pictured left to right: Susan Myers was elected as ADSB Trustee for Ward 2; Sheila Nyman represents the North Shore; Greg Bowman was elected to represent Ward 3; Marie Murphy-Foran represents the City of Elliot Lake.

Let’s explore how our students and staff are engaged in their learning and teaching.

Find out about the strategies and programs that have helped us to achieve our goals and stretch our thinking.

All learners, all the time.

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