Supporting our Students

Our Mental Health Lead Darryl Fillmore confirms that of the 58 Sault Area Hospital transitions so far this school year, 9 have identified anxiety as a primary concern on their discharge summaries (16%). The rest (85%) would be depression/self-harm/suicidal ideation.

Community, Culture, Care Visits

Learn what our student, parent and staff focus groups shared with us around equity and inclusivity; healthy schools; safes schools; and mental health.

Behaviour Management Systems

Behaviour Management Systems (BMS) is a course developed to ensure a respectful learning environment at school. It provides training and support systems for enhancing desirable behaviour and for understanding, preventing, and coping with undesirable behaviour.


staff members received BMS training in the 16/17 school year.

Our ADSB School Counsellors are supporting approximately

students with a range of issues.

K-12 Health & Well-Being

Thousands of participants. Hundreds of hours. Dozens of initiatives!