Learning Spaces: Upgraded & Modernized

We are proud of all of our Business Department staff (Human Resources, Finance, Plant, Information Technology, Transportation and Communications) who support our schools in so many ways. ADSB continues to make investments in school design and technology improvements to ensure its built spaces are flexible and can support the many different styles of teaching and learning.
Over the past year, some highlights included:

Korah’s gymnasium and upstairs mezzanine were equipped with updated finishes and its brand new Learning Commons furnished with ergonomic study booths, a media centre and glassed-in study pods. The refurbished grounds now include a new baseball diamond, parking lot and outdoor digital sign.

Greenwood’s front entrance received a much-needed upgrade to a more open-concept design that included a higher ceiling. The roof was raised in a number of other areas of the school, including classrooms. The new Learning Commons in the North Wing is both colourful and spacious, incorporating plenty of natural daylight, a contributing factor to a healthy learning environment.

$ 20737550

HM Robbins’ front entrance received a facelift with updated exterior surfaces; modernization efforts continued at Prince Charles where the school received new exterior panels and signage.

CASS has updated change rooms and the Culture Room and courtyard both have new Learning Commons features.

White Pines has had a roof replacement.

Ed Centre board room has received a much needed upgrade to flooring, window treatments and gallery seating.

We continue our implementation to upgrade all technology infrastructure within every school to reach the best bandwidth standards of access for our students.  As well, we continue executing our Information Technology Plan with respect to new technology for our students (i.e. latest devices, robotics, coding, etc.).

Total dollars spent on Buildings & Grounds (misc. repairs) last year


Number of ADSB Employees


Total Community Use Participant Visits



Total Cafeteria Sales in all Secondary Schools


Number of students who are transported in the Algoma District School Board this year.



Budget Highlights

The board approved a total operating budget for revenue and expenditures for the 2017 – 2018 budget year in the amount of $150,016,131.

A detailed review of revenues and expenditures was conducted by Trustees, the Operations & Budget Committee, Principals and Administrative Council, as part of the budget process and the Board’s continued commitment to fiscal responsibility within a challenging economy.


The following enhancements were included in the 2017-18 Budget through a combination of reallocations of existing budgets and new Ministry funding: Increased Technology in Classrooms, Support and Professional Development for Technology Plan, Additional Support for Special Education Students, and enhancements to school budgets.

The Ministry also provided for approximately $8.9 million in Capital Projects to address the maintenance and improvement of facilities.

Operating budget for revenue and expenditures for the 2017 – 2018 budget year in the amount of


Revenue by Major Source

2017-18 Revenue by Major Source

[*] Provincially determined by the Ministry

Revenue Source Amount
Government of Ontario $114,082,940
Local Taxation [*] $16,706,606
First Nation Tuition Fees $6,591,526
Other Grants $3,191,494
Other Revenues $935,500
Amort. Deferred Capital Contribution $8,508,065

Expenditures by Major Function

2017-18 Expenditure by Major Function
Expenditure Amount
Classroom Instruction (Note 1) $94,002,915
Pupil Accommodation $16,602,517
Non-classroom (Note 2) $14,262,384
Transportation $8,408,710
Administration $5,040,046
Non-operating Expenditure $3,191,494
Amortization $8,508,065
Note 1 - Classroom Instruction Detail
Classroom Teachers $69,054,844
Supply Teachers $3,265,139
Teacher Assistants $9,213,657
Early Childhood Educators $1,987,290
Texts & Classroom Supplies/Equipment $2,625,943
Computers $1,104,525
Professionals & Paraprofessionals $3,794,875
Library & Guidance $2,197,985
Professional Development $758,657
Note 2 - Non-classroom Detail
Principals and Vice Principals $7,184,483
Department Heads $171,998
School Office $3,326,231
Coordinators and Consultants $2,734,671
Continuing Education $845,001